PERS Refund Payback Calculator

Step 1. Read the Disclaimer

What the Refund Calculator Can Do:

This page allows you to enter data to calculate an estimated refund payback cost on the membership contributions that were refunded from your membership account. This is not an official Refund Payback Cost. You should use this refund calculator to better understand
the amount you will have to repay in order to reinstate all service time, membership contribution and interest during the refund period.

The Refund Calculator:

The refund calculator is intended as a tool for you to estimate repayment of the full refund. The accuracy of the Refund Calculator will depend on how closely the data you enter matches your actual data at the time an official PERS Refund Payback Cost is calculated. There will be a slight variance in the Refund Payback Cost you receive from PERS and the one calculated on this Web Site due to the different computer applications utilized in the two calculator programs. There is no guarantee that you will be repaying the same amount produced by this calculator.

The actual Refund Payback Cost you receive from PERS must be calculated under the provisions of the applicable law that affects repayment of refunded service credit to reinstate all service time during the refund period.

I have read this disclaimer and I am ready to do a calculation.


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